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With 47 locations in California, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, & Arizona, US Air Conditioning Distributors is one of the largest HVAC distributors. We are a One Stop Shop for all your HVAC needs from residential to commercial to industrial including equipment, controls, parts, supplies, and sheet metal.

You can count on US Air Conditioning Distributors to have what you need, when you need it, with free next-day delivery, crane service, incredible inventory selection and experienced, friendly personnel to help you.

How to Stay Cool in a Heat Wave Power Outage

It’s always fun when there’s a power outage during a heat wave when you need A/C the most…okay not really, but we can appreciate the irony. As you know, outages are more likely during the hot summer months when more households are flipping on their air to beat the heat.… Read more »

Contractors | How to Counteract the Increasing Shortage of HVAC Techs

By the year 2022, there is going to be an estimated deficit of over 115,000 HVAC technicians in the field, this according to a recent study from the Partnership for Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration Accreditation. This ever-growing shortage will only continue to make filling positions with quality workers even more challenging.… Read more »

USACD Announces New Location in Valencia, Ca

City of Industry, CA, Release: June 12, 2018. ForImmediate Release US Air Conditioning Distributors is excited to announce that we will open a new store in Valencia, California in July of this year. The store will be located at 25064 Anza Drive, in the vicinity of Six Flags: Magic Mountain,… Read more »

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