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With 47 locations in California, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, & Arizona, US Air Conditioning Distributors is one of the largest HVAC distributors. We are a One Stop Shop for all your HVAC needs from residential to commercial to industrial including equipment, controls, parts, supplies, and sheet metal.

You can count on US Air Conditioning Distributors to have what you need, when you need it, with free next-day delivery, crane service, incredible inventory selection and experienced, friendly personnel to help you.

H-VAC Fun Facts!

Did you know these fun facts about heating, ventilation and air conditioning? Tab up the number of fun facts you knew before reading this article down below to see how well you know your HVAC trivia! The first home fully-equipped with air conditioning was built in 1913 in the city… Read more »

2018 Summer Weather Forecast

With the 2018 summer season just around the corner, the HVAC techs of the good old U.S. of A are preparing for the rush of tune-ups, repairs, and replacements as people across the country begin turning on their air conditioners for the first time in a while. So what kind… Read more »

Meet the team – Fairfield, CA!

Daniel Krill, Branch Manager I have been with US Air for 13 years and have the same number of years’ experience in the industry. I started as a warehouse temp at US Air and have never looked back! My favorite part of the branch is working with the best people… Read more »

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