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Ultra Low NOx


The ultra-low NOx technology is a proven burner system for reducing greenhouse and smog-producing gases by up to 65 percent versus standard low-NOx models.

What is Ultra Low NOx?

Due to increasing EPA regulations in select states, more and more U.S. residents are being required to have “low NOx” HVAC equipment installed in their homes. Additionally, contractors and distributors cannot sell traditional furnaces to consumers in certain areas (with certain exceptions).

You might be wondering, “What is low NOx and how will these regulations affect me?” And in that case you came to the right place.

What is NOx?

NOx is an abbreviation that describes nitrogen oxides, a category of reactive and toxic greenhouse gases. Nitrogen oxide gases are emitted when fuel is burned at high heat in the engines of cars or in the heat exchangers of furnaces, boilers, water heaters, etc.

Is it harmful?

In short, yes. There is a significant impact on the environment from these gases so the EPA has begun enforcing regulations that will help limit the exposure to one of the forms of NOx called nitrogen dioxide, or NO2. According to the EPA, nitrogen oxides are the “chief causes of concern” because they contribute to: ground-level ozone, respiratory problems, acid rain/smog, low water quality, toxic chemicals, and global warming.

Low NOx Equipment Reduces NOx

Using a two-step combustion process, the fuel and air is first premixed then burns on a lower flame, reducing NOx emissions, improving heating efficiency, and preventing global warming and lung damage. Heating appliances that use this kind of technology achieve an optimal blend of oxygen and fuel prior to combustion which results in a cleaner burn without wasting fuel.

Emission Regulations

If you live in California or Texas, any heating equipment you buy will need to conform to local EPA standards. The standards may change depending on the size and type of heating appliance and where you live. There are two categories in which you’ll need to purchase your equipment: Low NOx and Ultra-Low NOx.

Low NOx vs Ultra-Low NOx

The difference between Low NOx and Ultra-Low NOx is determined by local EPA standards and based on the type of heating equipment and its NOx emissions.

How Do I Find Low NOx Equipment?

US Air Conditioning Distributors sells the YORK brand Ultra Low NOx furnace, which has been awarded the best Ultra Low NOx furnace by AHR Expo 2020. Even if you don’t live in a state that requires it, a low NOx furnace is a great choice for those consumers who are concerned about the environment.