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Top Qualities of an HVAC Technician, Through the Customer’s Eyes

Quality of equipment plays a big role in a customer’s satisfaction with their HVAC system, but what plays an even bigger role? The experience the customer has with the technician who installed and services that system.

In today’s article, we are going to look at things from the homeowner/building owner’s point of view and see what qualities they deem most important when it comes to an HVAC technician.

Communication is Key

Like most aspects in life, communication between the homeowner/building manager and you – the contractor – is key. The thing that will set you apart from the other guys is the ability to clearly and effectively communicate throughout the entire process with the customer – from the initial phone call to the completion of the service call itself. Effective communication includes:

  • Informing the customer of all project details (timeline, price, delays, etc.)
  • Answering all questions promptly and clearly
  • Making things understandable for the customer
  • Clear documentation of all charges and details of the job
  • Offering both written and verbal recommendations for repairs/replacements/maintenance

Positivity for the Win

Homeowners have more confidence in technicians who exhibit a can-do attitude. The contractor that makes them feel confident they can get the job done is the one that will get that job. A positive attitude is displayed in how you talk to and interact with the customer, so be aware of that the next time you are on the phone or speaking with them in person. Never make the customer feel like it’s an inconvenience for you to be doing business with them, that is a surefire way to never get a call back.

Put the “Safe” in Safety

It might not seem like the customer is taking note if you are following proper guidelines when it comes to safety, they just want you to get in, get out, and get the job done, right? Wrong. When you take on a job you are doing so on their property, so you can be sure they are monitoring your every move to make sure you aren’t putting them or their home/building in harm’s way.

You should display confidence and ease when working with the equipment on the job. You should also demonstrate the ability to adapt to any issues that may arise. Putting your focus on job safety shows respect for the homeowner and their safety; it also lessens the chances of any sort of accident or damage due to carelessness.

Furthering your Education

Even in the era we’re in, the HVAC world is full of innovation and constant improvement. A homeowner will prefer a technician who continues to stay in the know about the latest technologies and methodologies. Never settle for the “that’s the way it’s always been done” attitude.

Are you Energy Star-certified? What about by the United States Green Building Council (USBGC) or other organizations that can vouch for your knowledge and skills in the industry? These are questions the customer might ask and it’s best to be able to give them the answer they’re looking for.

Take Pride in your Work

As mentioned earlier, a homeowner or building owner takes pride in their property so they will be looking for a technician who takes pride in the work they do on that property. You should demonstrate pride in doing the job right in order to keep the customer happy, comfortable and most importantly, safe.

The best way to demonstrate this? Setting high quality standards, demonstrating problem-solving abilities, and a exhibiting a desire to exceed expectations set by the customer.