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How to Stay Cool in a Heat Wave Power Outage

It’s always fun when there’s a power outage during a heat wave when you need A/C the most…okay not really, but we can appreciate the irony. As you know, outages are more likely during the hot summer months when more households are flipping on their air to beat the heat. So what can you do to help stay cool during a power outage in a heat wave? Well besides pray to the A/C Gods, here are a few things to try:

Be like a boy scout and always be prepared – as the summer months approach, there are some precautionary measures you can take to prep for a potential power outage. The cool part is some of these tips will also help you save money on your energy bill when your power is actually working.

  • Install heat blocking curtains on all of your windows. Energy-efficient windows will help too!
  • A generator might be a good investment if your area is prone to outages. Does a generator sounds like too big of an investment? Op for some battery-powered fans. Just make sure you have plenty of batteries on stand-by!
  • Awnings that help shade windows not only stop the heat but can add some character to the outside of your house too.
  • Thank god for innovation – there are now specialty cooling towels that will stay cool for hours with just a little bit of water to activate them.
  • Trees can help shade and block some heat from your home.

Now that you’re prepared, what should you do when the outage actually strikes? We’re glad you asked…

  • Change into light clothing with good ventilation.
  • Avoid going outside whenever possible, especially during the peak hours of 1-5pm.
  • Keep your windows and blinds/curtains closed during the day but open them at night when the temps have dropped off. Pro tip: try to create a cross-breeze by opening multiple or all windows.
  • Stay hydrated and avoid beverages that can dehydrate you like coffee or alcohol.
  • If your home is multiple levels, hang out on the lower levels as we all know heat rises.
  • Shut the doors to rooms on upper levels and those that have exterior walls to prevent the heat from spreading throughout the entire house.
  • Water is your friend – if you have running water, use it to cool down with a cold shower or wet towel around the neck.

Get Innovative

  • If you have ice and a battery-powered fan, you can create your own mini A/C for a small area – position the fan so that it blows across a bowl of ice.
  • In low humidity you can create an evaporative cooling effect. Soak a sheet in cold water and hang it in a doorway and let air blow across it until it’s dry.