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Tips to Get your HVAC System Ready for Heating Season

Temperatures in most of the western U.S. still feel pleasant but the late fall and winter months will bring a bit of a chill. As the cooling season ends, it’s a good idea to plan ahead by maintaining one of the major resources built into your home – your HVAC system. Here are some tips to get your HVAC system ready for the approaching heating season.

Duct Cleaning

Have you noticed excessive amounts of dust and particles blowing out of your vents? While you may be lead to believe it’s just causing a sneeze or two, it’s actually a sign of an ongoing problem that could greatly affect your indoor air quality (IAQ). Schedule a duct cleaning to help your system function properly. As a result, you’ll also improve the IAQ in your home.

Change the Filter

When things get busy around the holidays, small tasks like changing your furnace filter can get pushed to the end of your to-do list. However, just like failing to change your oil might lead to serious engine problems, forgetting to change your filter can lead to an unpleasant buildup of debris which could impact your family’s allergies and comfort.

Seal Windows and Doors

You might already know that properly maintained insulation helps keep warm air inside while the furnace is working, but perhaps you’re unaware of the effect of small cracks around windows and doors. If you notice that you feel drafts of cold air next to a window or door in your home, chances are they have small openings or cracks that will require sealing with caulk. Keeping warm air inside will help maintain the health of your HVAC system in the cold season by letting it run less often and more efficiently.

It should also save you money because it’ll keep room temperatures more consistent – cold air near a window could cause your thermostat to sense a low temperature even if most of the room doesn’t feel cold.

Supply Vents

Have you taken a close look at your home’s vents? Add the vents and registers to your usual routine dusting as they could have a thick layer of dust if they haven’t been cleaned in a while.  Even if your home’s duct system has just been cleaned, some of that good will be undone if the clean air then comes in contact with large amounts of dust near the exit points. Wipe your supply vents clean at the start of every heating season to maintain good IAQ.

Protect your Condenser

You might have heating on your mind at this time of year, but HVAC professionals who come to winterize your home will also protect your air conditioning components during the off-season. Your outdoor HVAC components can accumulate autumn leaves or even ice. You shouldn’t let current mild temperatures keep you from planning for the future.