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How HVACR Contractors Can Get Started in the Smart Home Market

Large HVACR contractors and their employees visit a lot of homes, especially in the busy season. Through their work, they come face-to-face with all kinds of doorbells, electrical switches, and appliances. Great contractors become a source of knowledge for their loyal customers, so when those customers want to replace older features in their home with upgraded smart home products, HVAC contractors are the best choice for the job.

Here are some things HVAC contractors can do to make sure they are getting their piece of the pie in the growing smart home industry.

Start with what you’re familiar with and grow from there.

Thermostats. HVACR contractors install hundreds, maybe even thousands of them throughout their careers, so this makes it a great place to get their foot in the door.  Once a stat is installed, it’s a gateway for talking to the customer about other smart home products that will upgrade their home even more.

Make logical next steps.

After they’ve cornered the thermostat market, products that provide safety and CO detection is a great next step! Want to expand into the smart home market even more? Doorbells are also a good place to find new business, and the install isn’t much different from what HVAC technicians already do on the job.

Try out the products yourself.

Many manufacturers say the best way to get familiar with a new product is to use them in your own home.  Once you understand the benefits of the product, you will be able to sell them much more efficiently.

Create bundle packages.

Contractors who are comfortable and familiar with a particular brand’s product line have a golden opportunity to sell more than one product at a time. Demonstrate the benefits of bundling, explain how you can install multiple products in one visit, and most importantly, offer savings in your bundle packages.

Make your presence in the market known.

A satisfied customer from your HVAC services is the perfect place to jump into the market.  Tell existing customers you’ve entered the market and find ways to reach potential new customers through advertising.

Get online.

Have a list of prices and features of the items you are selling and installing on your website and social media pages.  Listing these services online is important, as more and more customers look to the internet before making purchasing decisions.

Be prepared for your customers’ requests.

Installing a basic smart home package for your customer could leave them wanting you to install more products to create a full and connected experience for their home. Take advantage of that return business by getting familiar with smart home products outside of thermostats and other HVAC devices.  This will help you in providing useful recommendations that will satisfy your customers’ comfort and budget needs.