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Four Simple Tips to Help you Get Ahead as an HVAC Contractor

As a C-20 licensed contractor or HVAC professional, you are likely to face some trouble in the industry: dealing with angry homeowners, seasonal work due to weather conditions in your local area, staying up to date with the social technologies of this modern era, the list goes on. Here are some helpful tips brought to you by your local HVAC distributor, US Air Conditioning Distributors, to help you stay competitive in your field and keep the work coming in.

Make Pricing Easy

A lot of HVAC professionals still use confusing price sheets that can often make the customer confused and taken advantage of. While both hourly rates and flat-rate pricing have their advantages and disadvantages, customers better understand flat-rate pricing models. It’s all about building an open and honest relationship with your clientele.

Be Transparent

It’s likely that a majority of your customers don’t have a firm grasp of HVAC. In order to build trust among your clientele, it’s important that you make the entire process transparent, from initial quote to completion of the job. Give your customers as much information as possible, the more they know about what’s happening, the more likely they are to be understanding and cooperative instead of combative and suspicious of cost and quality of work.

Step into the Digital Era

It’s easy to get comfortable in your routine, but this is one of the deadliest mistakes for contractors to make. A lot of HVAC contractors are reluctant to move their presence to the web simply because they are unfamiliar and uncomfortable with it, but it is a crucial step in staying ahead of the competition. Consider getting a website up in addition to starting and maintaining a strong social media presence. You’d be surprised how many people turn to the web for recommendations for all kinds of products and services.

Always Take the Call

Even though a lot of business is moving online, there is still a large portion of inquiries that will come via telephone. It’s essential to ensure that you (or an employee) is there to pick up. Providing that sense of security that someone is there to take the call and answer questions can turn a potential lead into a life-long customer.

Whether you work for an established HVAC contractor company or you run your business on your own, it’s important to analyze your business strategy from time to time and regroup. These tips are sure to keep you ahead of the game, give them a try and who knows, you might just see your HVAC business take off!

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