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Energy Saving Tips

Are you scared when you get the envelope or email alert with your monthly utility bills? If so, you don’t need to be! There are things you can do in all areas of your home that can help lower your utility bills. More impactful things, like replacing your old equipment with a high-efficiency system, will make the biggest dent on your monthly statements. However, these more drastic changes aren’t the only way you can save – there are some smaller measures that require little to no expenses on your part, and when added up, can make a difference. Here are some things you can do to help lower your expenses:

  1. Turn off the lights when you leave a room. This is especially impactful if you turn all lights off before leaving your house for the day.
  2. Lower or raise your thermostat temperature setting (up in the summer and down in the winter) and make sure your thermostat is on “AUTO” instead of “ON.”
  3. Invest in a smart thermostat from Venstar that you can control from your phone.
  4. Keep vents and registers open. This reduces strain on your system and thus lowers the amount of energy required to operate it.
  5. Keep the windows and doors of your home closed while your HVAC equipment is running.
  6. Change your furnace filter every 3-4 months to improve its efficiency.
  7. Switch to high-efficiency light bulbs.
  8. Don’t use space heaters or other supplementary heating methods that will require a lot of electricity to run.
  9. Use the correct ceiling fan setting for optimal air distribution – clockwise during the winter and counter-clockwise in the summer.
  10. Check the seals of your windows and doors and repair any gaps.
  11. Wash your clothes in cold water and take shorter showers. Only turn the shower on while you’re rinsing off.
  12. Open curtains in the winter to let heat in and close them on hot summer days to keep the sun out.
  13. Unplug electricity-guzzling items like televisions and kitchen appliances when they aren’t in use.
  14. On moderately cold nights, grab a blanket instead of turning up the thermostat in the winter.
  15. Have a timer for your outdoor lights, including Christmas lights.

As we enter the summer, it’s time to start thinking about preventative maintenance for your HVAC system. This is the best way to ensure that your air conditioner is ready to tackle the summer heat while performing at its optimal efficiency, and thus keeping your electric bill low. We can connect you with a trusted and experienced contractor in your area!