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Dry Air Problems? Try This

Are you tired of waking up with a sore throat every morning come winter? Do you suffer from sinus congestion? Have you invested money putting humidifiers in every room with poor results?

Low humidity in your home can be an annoyance, it leads to dry, cracked skin, sinus issues. Wood in your home can warp and crack, and then there’s that annoying static cling. The good news is, it can be fixed.

There are many different aspects of your health and lifestyle that can be affected by dry air. However, there’s an easy fix! A whole-house humidifier can add humidity throughout your home, improving your comfort.

These units are installed within your existing ductwork and furnace so they can deliver the right amount of moisture all around your home. Whole-home humidifiers are great for homeowners who really want to maximize their comfort without having little, less effective plug in humidifiers throughout the home. These humidifiers can be easily maintained by following proper maintenance and cleaning. They will improve the air you and your family breathe.

Don’t Forget About Whole Home Purification Systems

While you’re humidifying the air you breathe, you should purify it as well. PlasmaPure air purifiers can significantly reduce your family’s chances of contacting COVID-19 if the particles enter your home. This technology also eliminates volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and reduces smoke, odors, allergens, dust and particulates.

Needlepoint brush type ionizers producing an equal amount of positive and negative ions neutralize harmful pollutants and odors. This self-balancing unit is highly versatile, as it may be installed at the fan inlet of an air handling unit, fan coil unit, PTAC, heat pump and a VRF ductless split system. This unit is UL2998 validated for zero ozone emissions.

Maintenance Will Keep your Air Clean

If you’re not ready to install a new heating system, tuning up the system you have may be a good idea. Having equipment cleaned and maintained is important to help your system last as long as possible and work efficiently. A trained HVAC technician specialized in checking the health of residential heating and cooling systems and providing services to improve the system’s efficiency is your best bet. You’ll notice a difference in how your home feels, and it’s a great way to extend the life of your system.