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The name RectorSeal functions as the company’s name and as a brand name appearing on a wide variety of products. The company prides itself on the large number of leading brand names associated with the company through acquisition and internal development. Well-known brand names with a legacy of loyal customers include Safe-T-Switch, AquaGuard, EZ Trap, Clean Check, G-O-N, Kickstart, Novent, SureSeal, Fortress, Slimduct, Wire Grabber, Big Foot, Metacaulk, TRUaire, Shoemaker, Cover Guard, AC GUARD, and Falcon Stainless.

Beyond the brand names associated with the company, RectorSeal today is recognized as a leading provider of quality solutions for the professional trades serving heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC/R), plumbing, electrical, and construction markets.

RSH-50 Surge Protective Device

RSH-50 Surge Protective Device (SPD) for Single-Phase System 120/240 VAC Type 1

PART #: 96415