HVAC Training


This month, US Air Conditioning Distributors will be hosting more training seminars for HVAC technicians looking to stay updated and informed.

January Counter Days


Check out what we have planned this month at stores across US Air Conditioning Distributors!



New year, new ways to save! These deals and more are available to you for the next two weeks when you visit any US Air Conditioning Distributors parts store.

Counter Days

Counter Days

Be on the lookout for more counter days with Teslong this fall! Their cameras have been a big hit within the HVAC community.

Special Promo Guardian R407C units

Special Promo Guardian R407C units are a perfect solution for a quick and easy AC replacement. The GAW unit is compatible with most R22 system components, which means a faster, easier, less expensive condensing unit replacement, with less labor and minimal time inside the home.

Samsung DVM PRO 2.0 Class

Did you know that there are Samsung classes available near you? These classes are open to mechanical contractors and mechanical engineers!



If you’ve been by any of our stores this past month, you might have spotted a Refco table set up inside! That’s because our friend Jim Deto has been making the rounds to tell you all about Refco’s new, exciting additions