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Frick® Refrigeration

Frick® Refrigeration Solutions for Food & Beverage Industry

Frick® by Johnson Controls has been at the forefront of providing exceptional refrigeration solutions to the food and beverage processing industry for decades. Their comprehensive range of offerings includes high-quality air handling units and ammonia refrigeration compressors, specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of this sector.

The food and beverage industry relies heavily on robust industrial refrigeration equipment, and Frick® continuously refines their products to enhance energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Versatile Refrigeration and Gas Compression Solutions

Businesses in the food and beverage sector have diverse needs for industrial refrigeration equipment. Whether you’re looking to comply with regulations or aiming to reduce maintenance expenses while improving efficiency, we have the perfect solution to match your requirements.

Frick® compressors and air handling units are renowned for their energy-efficient and cost-effective performance. They use high-quality materials, employ innovative designs, and adopt modern manufacturing methods to ensure unparalleled reliability, energy efficiency, and overall quality for your application. Experience the benefits of maximum energy savings with cutting-edge refrigeration solutions from Frick® .

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