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Electric Trucks

US Air Conditioning, a distributor of HVAC equipment, is committed to transitioning to electric trucks to showcase their dedication to the environment. With plans to convert more of their fleet to electric in the future, they believe it is important to experience the unique benefits of electric trucks firsthand.

Westrux International and Navistar, well-versed in electric vehicle technology, have been actively assisting US Air Conditioning and their customers in preparing for the future. Through the provision of demo trucks and hands-on testing with drivers, they have successfully convinced US Air Conditioning of the advantages of electric trucks.

Navistar follows a three-step approach—consulting, charging, and deployment—to help customers make a seamless transition to electric. During the consulting phase, they work closely with customers, understand their sustainability goals, and assist in grant applications. Janice Thomas, a grant support manager at Navistar, has partnered closely with US Air Conditioning to navigate the application process.

Early engagement with utilities, securing funding, and infrastructure planning are crucial when embarking on the electrification journey. Navistar has facilitated connections with the right people and vendors to develop an infrastructure plan that meets US Air Conditioning’s needs. Their charging plan includes both DC fast charges during the day and level 2 charging overnight.

During the deployment phase, US Air Conditioning focuses on commissioning and training their fleet. Drivers have been impressed with the electric trucks, noting their lack of vibration, quiet operation, and instant torque. Beyond being zero-emission vehicles, electric trucks require less maintenance and provide a pleasant driving experience due to their low center of gravity.

Navistar’s vision is to accelerate sustainable mobility’s impact, aiming for 50% of their vehicles sold to be electric by 2030 and 100% by 2050. US Air Conditioning greatly values the unwavering support of their trusted advisors at Navistar and Westrux, who have remained dedicated partners throughout the transition process.