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Delivery Time FAQs

I have a delivery today but it doesn’t show up when I put in my customer number.
This Delivery Times program tracks only those orders being shipped out of our City of Industry warehouses, (which is about 90% of the orders). If your shipment is coming out of a local parts store or one of our local branches then the information will not be available on line and you will need to call that store directly to find out when your delivery would occur.

The program says no GPS information.
If you enter truck information and the Load number is number one, then for some reason the GPS tracking system for that truck is not working. The problem could be corrected within the next several minutes or hours but if you need delivery information you will need to call dispatch at (626) 854-4697 for Southern California. If the screen systems says no GPS system and truck number is a 200 series and load number is also 2, this means that you are a second load which will be going out around 1:00 P.M. The trucks are not back yet so we don’t know which truck will be actually delivering your load. It will be updated as soon as the second load actually departs.

In the quantity shipped I have dashes.
This means we have not yet uploaded all of the information of what products have been put on the trucks. It will be updated as soon as this information is available. For first loads this should be by 8:30 AM in the morning. For second loads it won’t be until the truck actually departs which could be after 1:00 P.M. in the afternoon.

The information on my screen says that the truck has already been to my location but it hasn’t been here yet.
The GPS system uses a one-mile radius from your location to update when it has been at your location. So if the truck goes by your location or is within one-mile of your location then it will record that it has visited your location. Therefore the truck just might be bypassing your location especially if you are on the freeway to hit another location and then coming back by for your delivery.

Delivery Location or Previous Delivery Location shows unknown location with a blank map.
All maps and locations are generated automatically by our computer system. If the address is put in incorrectly or if extra information is put into the address such as (see map) or a (slash) is used to separate two cross streets then the computer cannot find the address and shows an unknown address. When you give your information to sales order or you are ordering over the Internet please make sure you give us the correct address including zip code. If you don’t know the zip code you can find it at Google Maps.

My information shows that I was scheduled for delivery number three but the truck delivered number seven first. Why did this happen?
The truck probably did not deliver number seven first but he went within a mile of that address and the system would automatically show that location had already been visited. In actuality the delivery will occur at a later time to that address.

What is the difference in the adjusted ETA and the actual ETA?
The adjusted ETA is the time adjusted for the actual departure time of the truck. If the scheduled departure time was 7:00 A.M. and the truck actually departed at 6:30 A.M., then the adjusted ETA will be 30 minutes earlier than the estimated time of arrival. All ETA’s are calculated by the distance between the various drop-offs and the average amount of time that is spent at each location unloading the equipment. Once the truck leaves the dock of the warehouses the ETA is no longer updated. The best way for you to estimate when the truck will actually arrive is looking at where the truck is now, what stop you are and which stops it has visited.

My equipment was dropped off at 9:00 A.M. but in the scheduled stops it shows that it has not visited my location.
The main cause for this is that all information is transmitted back to the main computer system via the cell phone network. If there is a drop out of cell phone service in this location it will not transmit back to the central computer location, therefore it does not realize it stopped at your location.

The second reason can be that if Google Maps cannot find the exact address it will locate the center of the street. If the center of the street is not within a mile of your actual location then it will not show that it has visited your location.