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Hours: Classes begin at 6:00 PM and last approximately three hours unless noted otherwise.

Tuition: The tuition for each class is $40.00. Tuition is due at time of registration via check, money order or credit card. Companies with an active line of credit may submit a purchase order.

Discounts: Multiple Student Discount – Receive a $5.00 discount per student when registering two or more students to the same class. Students must attend to receive the discount. Certified Comfort Expert Discount – Receive a $10.00 discount per student; multiple student discount cannot be applied (Please identify disc in the tuition portion of the registration form).

Class Locations: at USACD branch locations except for Camarillo. Camarillo classes are held at the Best Western, 295 E. Daily Drive.

RSVP’s and Cancellations: Please pre-register for seminars. RSVP’s can be done online or completing a registration form and submitting by fax. RSVP’s and cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance. Student substitutions are always welcome if the registrant is unable to attend. Late cancellations and no shows will be billed for the class.

Miscellaneous: A light meal is included prior to start of class. Most classes qualify for 3 hours of NATE continuing education credit. Classes are subject to a minimum enrollment and to change without notice. Instructors are US Air Conditioning Distributor employees in the Customer Assurance Department.

Questions: Please contact Marie Rohde at or 626-854-6833.

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  • Air Conditioning Mechanical Troubleshooting

    This class will cover diagnostic troubleshooting of the mechanical refrigeration system. We will evaluate system problems by systematically determining causes and effect when different components in the system malfunction. Instructor Mike Welsh, class hours 6-9 pm. NATE approved 3 CEH’s, course #8555-0015. CEH’s apply to ACIN, HPIN, ACSV, HPSV.

    04/03/2018 - City Of Industry 6-9 pm
    04/05/2018 - Camarillo 6-9 pm
    04/10/2018 - Riverside 6-9 pm
    04/12/2018 - San Diego 6-9 pm
    04/17/2018 - Cathedral City 6-9 pm
    04/19/2018 - Van Nuys 6-9 pm
    04/24/2018 - Bakersfield 6-9 pm
  • Mitsubishi Mr. Slim

    This service seminar will provide the participant with a brief overview of information required for designing, installing, commissioning and servicing Mr. Slim M&P series systems. Some of the objectives are: a description of their components, refrigerant flow, appropriate tubing requirements, high and low voltage wiring, internal electrical circuits, typical operation, pressure and temperature reading and voltage measurements during a system check of the Mr. Slim system. The course is recommended for installers, startup and service personnel for Mr. Slim M&P systems. Instructor is Bruce Neilson. PLEASE NOTE CLASS WILL BEGIN AT 5:00 AND END AT 9:00 PM. NATE credits given, course #1650-0003.

    03/27/2018 - Camarillo 5-9 pm
    03/29/2018 - Cathedral City 5-9 pm
    04/11/2018 - Van Nuys 5-9 pm
  • Refrigerant Charging Techniques

    This class will cover procedures for correctly charging systems. With the introduction of Micro Channel Condensing coils and the changeover to R410A refrigerant, the charging procedures are considerably more critical. We will review evacuation and dehydration procedures as they relate to R410A refrigerant and synthetic oils. Class hours 6-9 pm. NATE approved 3 CEH’s, course #8555-0014. CEH’s apply to ACIN, HPIN, ACSV, HPSV.

    06/05/2018 - Camarillo 6-9 pm
    06/07/2018 - Riverside 6-9 pm
    06/12/2018 - San Diego 6-9 pm
    06/14/2018 - Anaheim 6-9 pm
  • Residential Package Units

    This class will introduce the new redesigned residential package heat pump and gas electric product. This product is sold under the York, Luxaire and Coleman logos. You will learn proper installation, adjustment, control operation and service of these new units. General knowledge and understanding of heat pump and gas heating operation will also be included. If residential and light commercial package product is part of your business, this is a must class for you. Instructor Mike Welsh, class hours 6-9 pm. NATE approved #8555-0016; CEH’s apply to CRIN, ACIN, HPIN, HPSV, CRSV, EASR, GSSV, GSIN.

    05/01/2018 - City Of Industry 6-9 pm
    05/03/2018 - Anaheim 6-9 pm
    05/08/2018 - Van Nuys 6-9 pm
    05/10/2018 - Camarillo 6-9 pm
    05/15/2018 - Riverside
    05/17/2018 - San Diego 6-9 pm
  • Residential Variable and Modulating Capacity Units

    You will be introduced to the new Variable and Modulating Capacity residential systems. The technology is advanced and unlike the majority of unitary products. Self-diagnosis is a new unit feature which will assist the service technician. This class will boost your ability to perform premium service for your customer. You will learn proper installation, adjustment, control operation and service of the new units. General knowledge and understanding of heat pumps and AC is recommended. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS CLASS DOES NOT REPLACE THE YORK ONLINE CERTIFICATION COURSE REQUIRED TO PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT. THE COURSE WILL PREPARE THE TECHNICIAN TO TAKE THE ONLINE COURSE & EXAM. Instructor Bruce Neilson, class hours 6-9 pm. NATE approved 3 CEH's, course #8555-0023. CEH's apply to ACIN, ACSV, ADIN, ADSV, HPIN, HPSV, EASR, HSPV.

    04/26/2018 - San Diego 6-9pm
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